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Too many of my photos have sat idle on my hard drive for too long. It’s a shame I don’t print them out; however, with a little effort I am now able to present them to the entire world! I hope you enjoy looking through my collection and that you’ll leave a note in the Guestbook. Remember, these photos are copyright protected — please ask if you want to use them!Charles Wills

I’m an electrical engineer who enjoys photography. As you may notice, I don’t specialize in any particular type of photography but enjoy the challenge of all things related to digital photography. I am open to working with you on photography or video projects, especially if you are in the Monroe, CT or NYC area — always looking for new and interesting challenges. Please feel free to contact me.

Of special note is the “Projects” and “Product” galleries. These are some projects I worked on professionally and personally, many using CAD software (such as V-Carve Pro) and a large CNC router to fabricate out of wood, acrylic, and DuPont™ Corian®. Again, let me know if you want to work on something together.


I put this website together as well as several others:

so I would be happy to answer questions on how to get started since there was a lot to learn to get to this point. Just a note regarding this site, I have chosen (and looked long and hard for) this particular template and plugins so I can export and manage my photos directly from Adobe Lightroom. I also wanted it to be responsive (adjust for desktop / laptop / tablet / smartphone), and I like the look and flow of this combination.

To give a few hints here are some details on what I’m using:

Here’s a rundown of some equipment (There’s lots of other toys to go with the above which I’ll add if anyone is interested):

  • My current camera is the Sony A7 and favorite lens is the 55mm/f1.8.
  • The Plamp–great for macro-flower shots 

Where to find me:

If you have your own gallery or website you’d like me to link to please let me know.




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  • Peter Ortali


    Nice work. My son Ben de Seingalt did yoga and running with your wife. My wife has done yoga with her as well. I’m looking for a local photographer and she mentioned you. I always liked the yoga images on the Bliss site.

    Anyway I have a client that needs very specific images. He’s an insurance adjuster so one would be him in a fire damaged home or building. Another would be him talking with clients helping them sort out their policy.

    How much would you charge for location work?

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